Leadership Team

Along with the principal team McClelland has expert Educational Leaders who oversee each year level. They teach predominantly within one year level and know the students well. Our leaders can be contacted via telephone or e-mail.

If you e-mail the college and head the e-mail ATTN the leader you wish to talk to we can get back to you.

If you contact by phone please ask for the Leader you wish to talk to and give a brief description as to what the inquiry is about. Our leaders are very busy and hard to contact at times so a message may need to be left and we try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Educational Leaders Year 7

  • Jodie McCabe

    Jodie McCabe

  • Andrew Harms

    Andrew Harms

Educational Leaders Year 8

  • Hannah McDermott

    Hannah McDermott

  • Daniel Rogers

    Daniel Rogers

Educational Leaders Year 9

  • Annie Eastwood

    Annie Eastwood

  • Frances Italia

    Frances Italia

Educational Leaders Senior School (Year 10, VCE and VCAL)

  • Robyn Andrews

    Robyn Andrews

  • Sharon Bucher

    Sharon Bucher

  • Rowland Richardson

    Rowland Richardson

  • Marley Richards

    Marley Richards

  • Robyn Andrews

    Robyn Andrews