Christmas in July

xmas in july

On 11th August, all the international students and some teachers gathered in SIT2 and celebrated “Christmas in JULY”.

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The ELC students helped decorate the room before it started. The whole room looked gorgeous and they played some Christmas music when everyone came in. It gave us a cheerful feeling and every enjoyed this Christmas atmosphere.

What’s more, our school served us an amazing Christmas lunch, such chicken, beef, pumpkin, potato and some vegies. They were delicious and everyone liked it.

Thank the school held “Christmas in JULY” this sort of activities. it helped us know more about the traditional   Christmas, also completed our life in Australia.

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International Cultural Day

As an important part of McClelland Community, international student group is able to display their own traditions and cultures in multicultural day. As an international captain, I led our group to organise the special activity, this is, making classical Chinese hot pot to serve staff and students on campus.


In order to facilitate and prepare well for this activity, our Chinese students bought a wide variety of Chinese food, such as dumplings, noodles and meatballs at Asian shop on the day before the activity. Although the shop is far away from our school, with love and sincerity, we brought these material to school and we were willing to share our experience and lifestyle to local students.


On Tuesday, we started to prepare hot pot in period 2. During this course, we encountered some troubles, for example, we had to organise electricity and tables for hot pot. However, these troubles are in minute to what we are going to achieve. I am proud of which our group exhibited valuable traits, co-operation and unity, without these, we couldn’t achieve what we expected. Specifically, every student had different jobs, some are responsible for cleaning vegetables and meat; some are ready for the base soup of the hot pot.


After all these, we started to sell hot pot at school! Everybody is excited and we had whole lot of audience while we are selling. They feel surprised what we did and also surprised for the unique Chinese culture. At this moment I realised our Chinese group contributes to the school community and enriches cultures at McClelland.