Christmas in July

xmas in july

On 11th August, all the international students and some teachers gathered in SIT2 and celebrated “Christmas in JULY”.

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The ELC students helped decorate the room before it started. The whole room looked gorgeous and they played some Christmas music when everyone came in. It gave us a cheerful feeling and every enjoyed this Christmas atmosphere.

What’s more, our school served us an amazing Christmas lunch, such chicken, beef, pumpkin, potato and some vegies. They were delicious and everyone liked it.

Thank the school held “Christmas in JULY” this sort of activities. it helped us know more about the traditional   Christmas, also completed our life in Australia.

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International Cultural Day

As an important part of McClelland Community, international student group is able to display their own traditions and cultures in multicultural day. As an international captain, I led our group to organise the special activity, this is, making classical Chinese hot pot to serve staff and students on campus.


In order to facilitate and prepare well for this activity, our Chinese students bought a wide variety of Chinese food, such as dumplings, noodles and meatballs at Asian shop on the day before the activity. Although the shop is far away from our school, with love and sincerity, we brought these material to school and we were willing to share our experience and lifestyle to local students.


On Tuesday, we started to prepare hot pot in period 2. During this course, we encountered some troubles, for example, we had to organise electricity and tables for hot pot. However, these troubles are in minute to what we are going to achieve. I am proud of which our group exhibited valuable traits, co-operation and unity, without these, we couldn’t achieve what we expected. Specifically, every student had different jobs, some are responsible for cleaning vegetables and meat; some are ready for the base soup of the hot pot.


After all these, we started to sell hot pot at school! Everybody is excited and we had whole lot of audience while we are selling. They feel surprised what we did and also surprised for the unique Chinese culture. At this moment I realised our Chinese group contributes to the school community and enriches cultures at McClelland.


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London Theatre Scene 1 eiffel

This is a fantastic and unique opportunity for students of (or simply interested in) the Arts.  This tour will offer unique workshops and backstage passes, question and answer sessions with industry professionals, as well as the opportunities to attend many different musicals, theatre, galleries, museums, concerts and more. Students who study Art, Drama, Dance, Theatre and/or Music will be engaged by this tour, however, it is open to everyone who would be interested; many fabulous sightseeing and cultural opportunities are included, such as the Eiffel Tower, Tower of London, Paris Disneyland and the Harry Potter Studio Tour, to name just a few of the many exciting experiences that students will enjoy. Again, this tour is not limited to students of the Arts, it simply has an arts focus but with many other fabulous opportunities and experiences thrown in!


  • It’s a twenty-day tour in both London and Paris.
  • It leaves and returns in January 2017 – you will not miss any school.
  • You will also not miss Christmas and you will most likely not miss New Year’s Eve - but we cannot promise.
  • It will be winter in Europe when we go
  • The tour will be organised and run through a reputable travel company
  • This tour is open to any student currently studying at McClelland in years 7-12. It is not open to students enrolled in year 7 in 2016 or students who have exited.
  • The cut off number, at this stage, is 30 students. Your position in the tour is not confirmed until you have paid the $100 deposit (see below).
  • Students planning to go on the trip must have paid their school fees.
  • The approximate cost is $6500; however, we are confident we can assist with the cost of the activities by fundraising. The cost will partly depend on our numbers – hence a goal of thirty.
  • The accompanying staff are Ms. Sproule, Mr. Long and Ms. Lindemann.


  • See Miss Sproule immediately – her office is in the PAC, between the P.E. change-rooms. She needs to know that you’re interested in going (plus you may well have questions you need to ask her).
  •  Ask Miss Sproule to put your name put onto the Compass Event list – this means you’ll be able to access a permission/payment form or pay online.
  • Using this method, pay the $100 deposit required to reserve your spot on the tour.
  • Attend the information night which will be announced soon. You will need to bring at least one parent/guardian to this. The expectation is, however, that you have paid the $100 deposit before attending.

If you are keen to go, to receive more information or to clarify anything written here then I would love to hear from you as soon as possible please. Both parents and students are encouraged to contact me at the college. Parents can reach me via phone or email and students can come to my office.

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Emma Sproule

9789 4544

Harry Potter Studio Tour Diagon Alley                     Disney

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Make use of your spare room and BECOME A HOMESTAY FAMILY TODAY

Are you internationally minded? Interested in other cultures? Flexible, fun-loving and willing to meet and host visitors from our regional neighbours China and Japan? If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions then becoming a homestay may well be the unique experience you are looking for! 


Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. This could be your family's passport to learning about another culture and making important friends and contacts for you and your children's own travel to far away destinations in the future!

Financial compensation provided and Working with Children Check needed. Please call Alison Fox on: 9789 4544 or email: for more information or to express your interest.