McClelland needs your support

16 February 2016

Dear College Community,

We have been lobbying for almost three years for much needed building upgrades -including a new gymnasium. I am now ramping things up as treasury will decide in the next four weeks on the May budget which we want to be included in. I have been informed that we are close to having a commitment however many other schools and groups are also putting pressure on the government for funds.

I am working with the Leader newspaper on what will be a campaign of four or five stories to put pressure on the Education Minister James Merlino.  Paul Edbrooke the local member of parliament has been very supportive but now we also need your help and I hope that if we all sign the petition and get everyone we know to also sign, we may just put enough pressure on the government to listen to us.

Please sign the petition and share with anyone you know that is willing to support us. Let’s see if we can use the power of social media for good at McClelland!

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