Year 7 Introductory Sessions

21 February 2017

At McClelland we hold the individual needs of our students in the forefront and endeavour to understand holistically your child’s needs. With this vision we would like to invite you to the college to attend the Year 7 Introductory Sessions held on the 21st February (New to 2017) 1pm to 5pm. This is an opportunity for parents and students to provide feedback to our staff to begin the development an Individualised Education Plan. These sessions will be allocated ten minutes.

On this afternoon we will also take the opportunity to brief parents on the usage of Compass, (10 minute session) and provide information on the college BYOD program and options for leasing and purchasing devices.

To make a booking you need to:

1. Login to Compass using your personal details as listed below.

2. Click on the Community Icon on the top menu

3. Click on Parent /Student /Teacher Conferences

4. Click Year 7 Introductory Sessions

5. Select one time slot you which to see a teacher (All Teachers will be listed as replacement teacher and will be allocated on the day)  

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