Beyond The Classroom


At McClelland students engage with careers at year 7. Students discover who they are, what they are interested in and are taught to aspire to a life they want and will love.

We are firm believers that attaching the context of education into the students own dreams, passions and goals is what motivates them and gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility over their educations. Students start to see that they can achieve. We make the time for the students to connect and become excited about their future.


One of the most important parts of becoming an outstanding student at McClelland is for the staff to guide our students to find out who they are, what they are passionate about and how they best learn.

Careers planning starts at Year 7 at McClelland College and all learning is constantly brought back to how everyday builds towards the future. This ensures students never lose sight of a bigger picture and feel in control of their destiny and learn how to make it happen.

McClelland clears space for this to happen and ensures parents are active contributors by providing one on one course counselling from Year 8 where parent, teachers and students sit down and discuss career plans and all the different pathways that can be taken to allow students the best possible choices in qualifications as they advance their secondary education.

Students are further counselled at Year 9 and into the Senior School as the students begin to specialise in the pathway they follow. All students follow the Victorian Careers Framework to construct their Careers plan.