Beyond The Classroom


Hands On Learning is a one-day a week in-school early intervention program that significantly increases attendance and retention of students in the middle years most at risk of becoming early school leavers.

Small groups allow students from across years 7-10 to form meaningful relationships with other students and adult role models.

Students work on creative building projects that benefit the school and local community – developing confidence and a sense of personal achievement.

According to many of the students, “Hands On Learning is what keeps me at school”.

Teachers consistently report the self-esteem boost that students receive helps them perform significantly better when they return to the classroom environment for the rest of the week.

Principals tell us it’s hard to find any other way to achieve these results with these students:

“The students are more willing to attempt academic tasks that they previously could see no point in, and many have become more cooperative and less disruptive to other students.”