Year 7 and 8 Music is taught to one class that can be elected into on enrollment.

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Students of the year 9/10 Music Elective delve into the many layers of music, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Music. They encounter music of all genres, create and notate their own compositions and learn to listen to, respond to, perform in, and understand a wide variety of musical styles and forms. Music may be taken by the semester, or continuously across both year 9 and/or 10. For those wishing to study music in VCE, it is recommended that this elective is taken across both year 9 and 10.


The study of Music can lead to a wide variety of opportunities at the end of Year 12, including not only tertiary courses in music or music therapy and a professional career, but also such vocations as music retailer, sound technician, events management, education, and many more.

Music enables students to develop personally in many ways. Skills included in the course involve both the left and right brain, and so are helpful in developing the student’s ability to appreciate and adapt to new concepts. Students also acquire important life skills in perseverance, teamwork, commitment, and presentation.


  • Music Theory – learning and consolidating knowledge of musical theory.
  • Performing –playing and singing in groups and individually
  • Learning Instruments – students will have an opportunity to learn some guitar and/or keyboard.
  • Composing – composing and arranging music such as popular song, band arrangements, music for traditional ensembles etc.
  • Recording
  • Analysing Repertoire –becoming more aware and informed listeners, being able to discern qualities of pieces from scores and recordings and being able to discuss musical ideas.


Some of the units available for study in the year 9/10 Music elective include:

  • Industry and Recording
  • Musical Theatre and Opera
  • Jazz and Blues
  • Music History
  • World Music
  • Film Music
  • Composition and Arrangement

A new and very exciting option from 2014 is choosing to be involved in the Performance Academy program, which involves Yrs 7 to 12 in a comprehensive range of performance skill development, community engagement and exploration of career paths. Click HERE for more about McClelland’s Academy Program.